No Apocalypse equals more time to write

Not that I was overly worried or anything.  <.<‘

And now there is nothing that can stand in the way of getting more writing done aside from the usual chaos that my life is, but fortunately that’s predictable and therefore manageable.

Coming in April and June of this year, I will have finished the sequel to Whispering Stone (the first book of the Whisper series) and the sequel to the Dragon Aster series. Both are proving to be a lot of fun to write so far.

In Shattered Guardians, the world has turned against the Whispers. If that wasn’t bad enough, Tori and Cae find themselves faced with an opponent who can not only control Wraiths, but utilize the dark energy of the Silence for some devastating results.

In Dragon Frost, it’s ten years since the Sylvan Aur returned its light to the world of Aster, but that doesn’t leave Nafury any less lost in it all. He has managed to stay alive with the weight of the world’s hate on him, but his luck is starting to run out. When the Caelestis’ last words of hope suddenly become a reality before him, he finds his one chance for redemption; by helping to save a world he nearly destroyed.

If you haven’t checked out the Dragon Aster Trilogy and Whispering Stone, both are currently available on the Kindle and in paperback from Amazon. I hope to have conquered Smashword’s meatgrinder and make their ePub versions available in the near future. Be sure to check back here for the latest updates as well!


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